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The field symptoms of sorgum ergot are familiar to anyone involved in sorghum production. It is more difficult to identify the fungal pathogen in seed because there is a lack of understanding about the structure and function of sphacelia and sclerotia. This publication uses color photographs to differentiate between sphacelia and sclerotia and immature, cracked and moldy seed and other foreign objects. (6 pp., 15 photos) Thumbnail for Sorghum Ergot: Distinguishing Sphacelia and Sclerotia of Claviceps africana in Seed /El ergot del sorgo: diferenciación de los esfacelios y los esclerocios de Claviceps africana en la semilla<BR>(L-5315/L-5315S)<BR>(PDF File)

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By Debra Frederickson , Gary Odvody and Thomas Isakeit
Submitting Institution(s): Texas Cooperative Extension
Language(s): English and Spanish Versions Available
Released: 07/99 (New)
Review Level: 2

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