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This activity book is a fun, non-threatening way to help you teach children how to protect themselves, their families, and friends from a serious health threat, the West Nile virus. While it is not common in humans, the West Nile virus is a potentially dangerous disease spread by mosquito bites. For 6 to 9 year olds. Thumbnail for Little Bug, Big Bite/Insecto pequeño, Picadura grande<BR>(ESS603/ESS603S)<BR>(PDF File)

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By Dr. Ann Michelle Daniels, Extension family life specialist; Dr. Mike Catangui, Extension entomologist; and Jim Wilson, Extension pesticide education coordinator, Cooperative Extension Service, College of Agriculture & Biological Sciences.
Submitting Institution(s): South Dakota State University
Language(s): English and Spanish Versions Available
Released: 04/03 (New)
Review Level: 2

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